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Glam Dance Wear by Elena Vasilevsky

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 'The fashion and passion of Lady Gaga'

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Latin competition dress

Choosing Latin costumes for competition

Learn what fabrics and decorations are used in latin dancewear, see some popular latin designs and a selection of new sketches by Ballroom Sparkle studio.

It might be quite hard to pick latin dress for competition. On one hand there is a variety of styles, fabrics and decorations to choose from. On the other you need a dress to suit all 5 dances, which are completely different in mood, style and pace. A red and black latin dress will look very expressive during the passionate paso doble or tango, however it will be somewhat out of place during the jive or joyful samba.

Apart from the differences in dance styles there are also other things to be considered when looking for the latin costumes. These are the particularities of the body type of each dancer, their dancing level and choreography. Each dancer has to approach very carefully his/her strong and weak sides to look for the costumes that would emphasize individual style of the dance couple. It is wise to consult with the coach or a ballroom and latin dress designer for a professional and unbiased opinion.

During the latin dance competition the couple only has a few minutes to impress the judges and the audience, therefore the latin competition costume should be very creative, just as their dancing routine. Ballroom dress designers are constantly experimenting with different fabrics, colors and patterns, looking for new styles that could stand out on the dance floor.

Fringe latin dresses
Fringe is one of the most popular decorations used in latin dancewear. It black fringe latin dress sketchgolden beaded fringe latin dress sketchgreatly emphasizes the movements of the dancer. It doesn’t require much stoning to look good. It can be attached in very different ways to the dress, therefore it suits almost any body type. For a short girl with a curvy body I would recommend to avoid latin dresses where the fringe is sewn horizontally and very densely. It will add more volume to the body and visually shorten it. Rather opt for a latin dress where the fringe is sewn in small tassels and attached in small portions on the hips and bust.

Another good idea is to consider a latin dress decorated with beaded fringe sewn in individually. It would emphasize the movements of the dancer while not putting up weight.

Latin dresses made with beaded bugle fringe sparkle immensely, quite similar to those decorated to rhinestones. One of the recently introduced materials is fringe made of sequins; it is much lighter and just as sparkling.

Draped latin dresses

draped latin design2Drapes and floats come many shapes and forms so it would be a very draped latin designgeneralized description of latin dance dresses. For most part such dresses require very soft stretchy materials such as mesh, angelskin or thin stretchy satin to make the drapes and floats hug the body in a natural looking way. Making draped dress is a non trivial task, however the outcome will pay itself out. A well made draped dress always looks very high class and expensive, even being only moderately decorated.

Patterned latin dancewear

Animal, floral or abstract prints – all these patterns always look very fresh on the dance floor as opposed to dresses in solid colors and are very likely to attract the attention of the audience.

Tiger or leopard print latin dresses will never go out of style. Such latin costumes look hot and daring and represent a great choice for a bold, confident dancer. Animal print dresses are often combined with red decoration or trimmings, to create an image of a wounded animal or with golden accessories for a more glamorous look.

Empire waist latin ballroom dressesempire waist chiffon latin design

One of the recent trends in ballroom latin fashion, empire waist dress. A great choice for petite ladies as it visually elongates the body and makes the girl look taller. This is however quite a tricky style that wouldn’t suit any dancer. First of all dancers with shapely legs and large hips should by all means avoid such style. Empire waist latin dresses also require the dancers hip technique to be just perfect so that the dancing moves could be easily seen through the loose layers of fabric.

Beads and penny sequins latin dresses

Latin dresses decorated with large penny sequins or made out a sequined fabric have become very popular recently. Such latin dress styles require little stoning and sparkle great on the dance floor.

The perfect little black latin dressfur and feathers latin dress design

Among the abundance of colors, textures and patterns present on the dance floor a black latin dress may unexpectedly look very refreshing. Black dress is classy, elegant and sexy – a great choice for any lady.

Fur and Feathers
Once extensively used in standard gowns, feathers were left out for a while and came back in latin dancewear. Designers use both boa and individual feathers to decorate the latin dresses. Latin costumes adorned with feathers looks very chic and classy though adding some extra headache to its owner when it comes to cleaning the dress.

Choosing your first ballroom competition dress

Part II


There isn’t a single answer as to what ballroom dress would suit you best. The first and probably the most important condition is that you have to feel comfortable both emotionally and physically in the dress of your choice. Take some time and think – how do you see yourself on the dance floor? Are you chick? Romantic? Passionate? Flirty? You should choose a design that would appeal to your inner self and to your style of dancing. In my experience the time spent on finding your own style pays off much better than any designer-made dress stuffed with stones from head to toes.

Be sure to discuss your preferences with your partner. Ideally you should develop a common image of you as a couple. A couple where the girl looks like a high-class sophisticated lady while her partner plays a hot Macho man looks somehow weird.

Basic Fit

Take a few simple precautions to ensure you will feel ok in your costumes during the competition. Raise your hands, make a couple of moves in front of the mirror, and observe the skirt motion. For standard dresses – make sure not to choose a very long skirt or you risk catching your heels in it. For latin gowns – its important that your top stays in place while you are dancing. The straps should be elastic and strong enough not to fall off your shoulders, and your bra or the sewed-in bra cups shouldn’t move from your breasts. Take some time to practice dancing together with your partner in your competition costumes. Your skirt should allow enough room for motion for both of you, and your sleeves should not impede your partner to hold your hands or change places.

Every competition follows a certain dress code, which might not allow some fabrics or decorations for your dance level. It’s better to learn them in advance not to get banned from the dance floor only for wearing latin competition gown decorated with feathers which were not allowed.

Colors – safe black or blatant pink?

Choosing dull colors is probably the commonest mistake a beginning performer makes. Being scared away by the bright colors, he would never wear in the real life, like pink or bright-green he ends up choosing something absolutely plain like grey, charcoal or brown.There’s nothing wrong with choosing dim colors, but any dancing competition - is still a show and it is important to stand out. If all the other dancers are in red, your black dress will look gorgeous. But if you have no idea what other competitors wear – my suggestion is to bet for brighter colors.

Of course this doesn’t cancel the need to choose the colors that suit your complexion and compliment your figure. Not everyone can safely wear bright “electric” colors, like orange or fuchsia. Orange would look great on dark haired tanned girls while a blond girl would look greenish in it. Pink shades suit many skin types and are quite popular among dancers, yet they can add you several extra kg’s, so pick the design carefully.

Black always looks elegant and sophisticated, but it usually requires some bright accessories or a lot of sparkling stones to help it stand out. Otherwise, since your partner is usually wearing black it is likely you will blend on his background. Brown and sand colors should be picked carefully for the same reason - they tend to blend you with the floor. White looks great on most people, it gives a fresh and rich impression, yet it is quite impractical.

Summarizing the above said – besides matching your taste and complexion – the color should not be dim or “dusty”, it shouldn’t blend with your face, your partner’s clothes or the dance floor. If you are picking a popular color, which many dancers are likely to wear, such as flame red or pink – try to find an unusual ballroom gown design that would let you stand out. Or, ask your tailor to design a special ballroom dress just for you.

Stage look

Another little thing you should keep in mind while choosing dress fabric and design. It mostly matters how you look at a distance. You dance for the audience, which sits quite far from you (5-10-15-20 m away). Any small pattern would either go unnoticed or would look silly. And vice-versa: If the dress you are looking at looks vulgar to you - put it on the rack and get a second look at a 10m distance. You might change your mind then. :)

Say no to small dots, little flowers, and the like. The only exception is probably animal print, but again, make sure it’s visible from a 10 m. distance. My personal opinion is that it’s always better to buy a fabric with no patterns and decorate the dress with stones and appliqué work after that: this method leaves you with more space for improvisation.

A final platitude for a summary

No matter how gorgeous your dress is – it does not guarantee you the finals. But a well chosen dress - one that fits your figure, has an interesting design, right colors, topped with a good makeup – will definitely make you stand out. Wearing it, you will feel comfortable during your performance and will get the biggest prize for any dancer: the audience applauses.

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Five Fab Salsa Shoes To Watch Out this Spring 2011

The dance floor will surely heat up as five fabulous designer made salsa shoes are sure to fire its way out this Spring season.

Red Night Salsa Shoes

No man can resist for a nice salsa dance with you when you are wearing this Nicholas Kirkwood for Pollini boot in a ravishing red hue. You can rock some sexy dance moves without the fear of faulty straps because your feet are fully covered. 

The Fashionista Salsa Shoes

Try to amaze your audience with this unique McQueen Wedge. This is perfect for a solitary themed salsa dance. The crowd will definitely wowed when you don this shoes but the price is undeniably jam dropping.

The Classy Salsa Shoes
Heels with about 3 to 4 inches not only elongate your legs, and accentuate your calf muscles but it can help you perform your sexy moves perfectly. This sexy and stylish ASOS mule is perfect for a salsa dance with simple and sexy routines.

The Sparkling Ballerina Salsa Shoes
This glittering 3 inch Miu Miu salsa shoes are perfect for a fairy tale themed salsa number. You can comfortably perform breath taking routines without worrying that it may slip off because it holds on to your feet perfectly.

The Celebrity Inspired Salsa Shoes
Nothing beats Loubotin shoes when it comes to celebrity popularity. But you can still rock these shoes on the dance floor if you have plenty of cash in your bank account. Just don’t let your partner step on your shoe because he will surely roared in pain with this spikey metal shoe design.

What are you waiting for? Grab one now and “salsa” the night away!

by: Joanna Rossi


DSOL : Dances Shoes Online

Friday, February  11, 2011 established in Hong Kong in 1999, was later registered in Illinois, USA in 2000 for selling dance shoes online to those amateur and professional ballroom dancers. is one of E-Shops, Inc.' stores.

DSOL is committed to providing "more choices, better quality, and lower prices with excellent service" to our customers and clients; we invite those who are confident, independent and willing to work at home offices, to join us as our Sales Representative worldwide.
DSOL, dance shoes online store carries the world's largest collections of discount ballroom dance shoes, Latin dance shoes, custom-made ballroom & Latin dance attire, and dance accessories. Our dance shoes include discount ballroom dance shoes, Latin dance shoes, Salsa shoes, Jazz, Ballet, Swing, Tap, Dance Sneakers, wedding & party shoes, more than 2000 styles; Dance attire includes custom-made ball gowns, Latin dance dresses; dance accessories: shoe brushes, shoe bags, buckles and heel tips etc.

Each of our ballroom dancing shoes or dance attire embodies our professional passion and craftsmanship. We have more choices of shoe styles, sizes, heels and width options than any of our competitors in the industry. Our goal is to produce the World’s finest ballroom dancing shoes and custom-made dance attire with the lowest price possible.

Our mission: "More choices, lower price, better quality with excellent service." We provide 24/5 service to our customers worldwide from Monday through Friday and free return service for customers living US and Canada.DSOL also invites individuals, dance store/studio owners to join our Distribution Program; we are committed to helping you to expand and grow your business.

We focus on dance shoes and related products. We have now become the world's largest online store of all kinds of dance shoes of our own brand DSOL!

For more details you can visit their website at
or you may reach them at  1-630-228-0609
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central Time (US & Canada)


 Burju Perez, Latin Dancer and Shoe Designer

Wednesday, February  9, 2011

About Burju Shoes 

 Founded and designed by Dancer/Choreographer, Burju Perez, Burju shoes is a fashion-inspired shoe collection designed to bring comfort and style to one dance shoe. Burju, known worldwide for her amazing Latin choreographies and performances, has established her dance shoe line throughout the international Salsa and Latin dance community with amazing success and now she looks to expand those same distinctive yet comfortable designs to the everyday consumer.

Her exquisite customizable collection of dance shoes also caters to the “special occasion market” including weddings and proms. It’s every bride’s, bridesmaid’s, and party-goers’ dream to find and exceptional pair of shoes to carry her from day to night in style, without compromising her feet.

“We want stylish shoes with the comfort, engineering and athletic-ability of a dance shoe,” says Burju of the line, “There is no reason beautiful shoes can’t be comfortable. There’s something for everyone here and if you don’t see it, then design it for yourself and we’ll create the one of a kind, hand-crafted shoe just for you!”

Burju Shoes on Runway 

Burju Shoes exploded on the scene with a launch party and runway show in April of 2009. Organized and run by best friend and event planner Karina Garden, this show featured a catwalk and a shoe gallery. Models strutted in their Burju Shoes featuring everything from vibrant colors to feathers and swarovski crystals to a packed house of models, entertainers, dancers, brides, and shoe fanatics.



Guests were entertained by the sound of Pulpo playing live on the piano and DJ Danny spinning the Latin beats. Family, friends and of course beloved husband and dance partner Victor Perez were by Burju's side for the memorable ocassion. Nuevotec was there to capture the highlights and give those who could not make it a taste of what was missed.

The result of the event was beyond what was expected. The shoe line was not only well received but it established Burju Shoes as the most sought after dance shoes on the market. Dancer, models, singers, actors and brides all lined up to get their own pair of Burju Shoes.

Burju Shoes has become the dancers pick among famous salseras such as Melissa Rosado, Shani Talmor, Tamara Livolsi, Magna Gopal, Ahtoy WonPat-Borja, Amneris Martinez and many more. Burju Shoes were also the dance shoes worn by World Salsa Champion Anya Katsevman in 2009.

From champions and professionals to social dancers and brides, Burju Shoes are all over the dance floor, filing it with color and life.

For all general inquiries please email  them at 
or you can visit her website at  

source credited to burjushoes(dot)com
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Glam Dance Wear by Elena Vasilevsky

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

 For Salsa Dance aficionados out there it was indeed remarkable experience the renown Fashion Designer Elena Vasilevsky (Elena V) is unveiling her latest, super hot “Rhythm Collection” aiming to showcase sensual dance costumes by Latin Style dancers. According to New York, NY (PRWEB).

Elena V’s Signature Collections consist of: Rhythm, Essentials, Atelier and soon to be launched “Momentum” -- active wear line. Elena’s superb designs invigorate with sensuality, confidence and passion, on and off the dance floor.

Exquisite Costumes for TV Shows, Ballroom, Latin, Salsa and Mambo, Figure Skating, Ice Shows, Dance Showcases, Competitions, Broadway, Music Videos, Entertainment.

Street Chic, Free spirited modern day essentials designed to be worn in any city from L.A. to New York to Paris or Milan. Subtle sexy, moderately glamorous with seductive vibe and down town attitude.

Couture Evening Collection, versatile enough to embrace individuality of style and temperament. Rich with unexpected details yet delicately feminine and sensual. Effortlessly glamorous with an aura of quality and elegance.

New Active Wear Collection - Coming Soon


It’s all about confidence, strength and endurance with perfect amount of comfort, without sacrificing a super hip style. Fashionably Fit, really cool and ridiculously hip fitness gear. Motivating to hit the treadmill, chisel those abs or perfect your cha cha steps.

Costumes designed by Elena Vasilevsky (Elena V) inspired by Latin flavor and a pulse of Latin Rhythm are every bit exotic and vibrant as the dancers turned models, dominate the catwalk with insinuating hips, unbuttoned shirts, tassels and fringe, sparkle and spark. Each provocative costume is dancer’s pure expression of individuality through style, energizing with shakes, shimmies, leg lifts and other erotic movements with all of its Latin spice.

“My designs express my soul and my passion for dancing. Fragile femininity, mixed with high voltage passion drives me to design collections that radiate sensuality mixed with confidence,” added by Elena V.

For more details you can visit her website
Contact: customerservice(at)elenavdesigns(dot)com

Elena V at Nueva Vida Salsa Social - Yamulee Dance Company
51 Middlesex Street Suite 123 Chelmsford, MA

•    (Elena Vasilevsky)
•    (Payments)
•    (Elena)
•    Tel: (908) 307 - 9421

source credited to prweb and elenavdesigns(dot)com

Salsa Circuit - Fashion and Style Fall 2010

We attended  the Hot Fashion Shows and  really enjoyed our stay ...with  amazing people and chic outfit from well known designers its really impress me a lot .Watch out for the latest fashionable clothes that will post it here ...till next time. Cheers!


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