Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Best Mexican Actors

There are a handful of best Mexican actors who are considered the best in the country, as they have acted for extended periods of time and been in films, television shows and plays that have played all over the world. Very few of these Mexican actors you would know by name, but many of them you would recognize from some of your favorite films and television shows as soon as you saw them. Have this list on hand for reference, so you'll actually be able to say something interesting to them if you get up the guts to talk to them.

   1. Gael Garcia Bernal. A younger Mexican actor who has been in a number of critically acclaimed films from around the world, Bernal may be the youngest famous Mexican actor. He is best know for his roles in "Y Tu Mama Tambien," "Amores Perros"  and "Babel." He is considered the future of the Mexican film world.

   1. Danny Trejo. A sinister-looking character actor first discovered by Mexican film director Robert Rodriguez, Trejo has had larger and larger roles over the course of his career, from his part in "Desperado" to a part in "From Dusk Till Dawn" to a leading role in "Machete." He looks like a thuggish tough guy, most likely because he was one in his previous life, having spent many years in and out of prison and drug rehabilitation centers. He has since kicked his drug habit, helping to make him a successful actor.

   3. Salma Hayek. Hayek is both the most famous, the most successful and the most beautiful of Mexican actors and one could easily argue is the best, especially for her role as Frida Callo in the film "Frida." She got her start on Mexican soap operas, which is a fertile ground for Mexican acting talent.

   4. Gabriel Soto. Soto is considered one of the best Mexican actors within Mexico. This is because he is considered the King of the Telenovellas. He has millions of fans, but is hardly known in the United States.

Source: Breakstudios


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